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Saturday, 5 February 2011 !@#$% 12:34 AM

不知道 不明了 不想要 為什麼 我的心
明明是想靠近 卻孤單到黎明
不知道 不明了 不想要 為什麼 我的心
那愛情的綺麗 總是在孤單里

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 !@#$% 12:22 PM

i am a difficult guy to be with.

i understand.

i am sorry for all the things i have done and said to hurt you so much.

i promise i will learn.

and become better.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 !@#$% 4:43 PM

it was supposed to be a happy day.

watch a movie, then buy birthday present,

then a surprise.

a nice Japanese-french restaurant which i managed to book a reservation 3 months ago.

its for her results and new sch term.

wanna treat her, and thank her for everything and encourage her.


its all my fault.

for being angry.

i am just not good enough to be in a relationship.

they are all right.

i am a burden, and i am not worthy of her.

i am sorry.

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Saturday, 8 January 2011 !@#$% 8:23 PM

i got 3 cakes for my 21st!

according to dear, each cake is entitled to 3 wishes,

got 9 wishes this year, the most so far!

i was so touched by timothy and the gang, i nearly cried, they prepared a cake for me, when its supposed to be timothy's birthday!

and with dear accompanying me on Friday, it was great!

just that i feel so guilty that she spend so much money to buy me a crumpler!

and of course, her cake to start the day with!

oh man,

i am so fortunate to have so many friends and loved ones to celebrate my birthday!

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Thursday, 6 January 2011 !@#$% 11:38 PM

well, after everything... and talking to dear about stuff, and clearing things out...

i guess i now know that the problem lies with me...

i lack the confidence in myself to believe that i am actually of importance and i have the trust of dear.


its my fault for thinking to much, feeling to insecure, and saying those words, and not controlling my emotions well...

i am sorry. please forgive me?

not only to dear, but to her friends as well...

i guess now many of dear friends kinda hate me now...


i must have more confidence in myself, and dear.

after all, its all worth it...

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